Blame Hollywood?


This morning, there was an op-ed in the Ny Post slamming cowardly Hollywood liberals for bowing to terrorist threats and canceling the
premier of “The Interview.” The Rogen/Franco joint where two journalists travel to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

Hollywood is a city in California that has housed some of the biggest film studios in history. It is not a singular hegemonic group. But, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a minute that it is.

Hollywood did not kill that movie. Sony did. But they only did after movie theater chains decided to pull it.

Regal cinemas based out of Knoxville Tennessee. AMC theaters based out of Leawood Kansas and Cinemark theaters based out of Plano, Texas. Texas is not exactly your liberal stronghold.

Now if you want to blame anybody, you can blame Sony, who gave these theatre chains the option of not showing the film, but Sony is a Japanese company and Sony Corporation of America based out of New York.

The list of people most seething mad about yesterday’s decision are “Hollywood” types, who took to Twitter yesterday to vent their outrage. One of those who had a particular axe to grind is Steve Carell. Carell’s film Pyongyang was canceled before it even began production. Who canceled that film? It was Fox; Fox owned by news corp. Which also owns the New York Post, which published an op-ed this morning blasting “Hollywood” for being cowards.

Hollywood,on the other hand, is the one who made the movie in the first place.

Now to be honest, I don’t completely blame the theaters and Sony for capitulating. The hack on Sony has wrought havoc on them. The threat, while probably not real, was credible enough to weigh a risk evaluation. And while o like those guys, Rogen and Franco are not Gilbert and Sullivan. High art, this is not.

But in any event, to blame Hollywood cowardice is not only unfair. It’s completely inaccurate. I look forward to seeing this film when it eventually leaks on the Internet.


About Ben Faulding

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. I found my way to Judaism during my twenties. I'm currently a direct care worker for adults with special needs and I live in Crown Heights.
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